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Versão0.7 Beta
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TableEditoR is a famous remote database administration tool written in pure ASP. You may browse your tables and queries, add, edit and delete records, execute sql statements and more.

Why pay for other database administration packages when you can use TableEditoR for free. Although it's still a Beta version, it's very functional for most of your needs.

BugFix 02 (Includes BugFix 01 as well)
» te_fieldedit.asp
Changed sql data type mappings for memo and boolean

» te_showrecord.asp
Added replacing HTML Content
Changed displaying boolean field which may cause incorrect checkbox view when HTMLEncoding is True

» te_includes.asp
Changed the file name check for protection which assumed that the file name is lower case. Credits : Richard Deeming

» te_queryedit.asp
Changed the query name assignment which caused a bug in creating and editing queries. (BugFix 01)

BugFix 01
» Fixed a bug in te_queryedit.asp regarding creating new queries.

New in version 0.6
» Editing table structures (adding, changing and deleting fields and indexes).
» Compacting Access Mdb files on the server.
» Creating new tables.
» Creating, editing and deleting queries.
» More permissions on table structure modification.
» Configuration switches for HTML content.
» Configuration switches for action on Null values. (by Kevin Yochum)
» Various bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements (as always ;).

New in version 0.5 (already included in version 0.6)
» Multi-user permission-level protection.
» Multiple connections for more than one database.
» Listing stored queries and browsing them like tables.
» Viewing table and query structure information.
» Running SQL statements and browsing them like tables.
» Sorting data by clicking on the field names.
» Various bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.

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 :: downloads
 TableEditoR 0.5 Beta (24K)
 TableEditoR 0.6 Beta (62K)
 TE Access 97 Database (11K)
 TE 0.6 BugFix 01 (1K)
 TE 0.6 BugFix 02 (8K)
 Table editor 0.7 beta (69K)
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