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ASP Dev WorX OpenSource Projects

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# myDev 694371 ASP
With myDeV the user gets the ultimate experience when visiting your website. Personalization is almost a must nowadays...

# WhosOn 662267 ASP
With this little application you can show who exactly is currently visiting your site, including the page that they are on...

# DeV WorX/dev site 42424 ASP
ASP DeV WorX/dev site itself is a project as well. Because we believe in continous progress, this site will be developed in an OpenSource manner. You are now able to download the full site. Project documentation and code library development is in progress.

# MiniSurvey 38892 ASP
Define surveys to collect information from the visitors of your web site. Just install and it works! Very easy to use, almost nothing to customize!

# HiLiteR 32297 ASP
HiLiteR is a new approach to the "view source" utilities by adding extensible syntax highlighting feature.

# TableEditoR 26516 ASP
TableEditoR is a famous remote database administration tool written in pure ASP. You may browse your tables and queries, add, edit and delete records, execute sql statements and more.

Why pay for other database administration packages when you can use TableEditoR for free. Although it's still a Beta version, it's very functional for most of your needs.

# Mini chat 17078 ASP
This is a small ASP based chat app...
Now supports badword filter...

# OpenForum 13633 ASP
OpenForum is an initial framework for page-level integrated forums. It's not intended to be a fully-featured forum application but rather a simple and efficient forum base.

# Mini Messenger 12707 ASP
The mini messenger project is similar to those other messaging applications like ICQ and AIM, but it is intended for use on membership websites so users can converse with one another on a personal level in private without the hassle of other users conversations interupting theirs like in chat.

# ASP Hit counter 12621 ASP
Basic ASP database driven hit counter.

# CustomizeX 11312 ASP
ASP web customization project...
We started off just using cookies to store the color variables, but we've now incorporated the use of a database with each users settings and selected 'theme' and users can now create their own themes for others to use...

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